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3000 N100 battery
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 New Ps3 Owners Hints And Tips

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PostSubject: New Ps3 Owners Hints And Tips   Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:41 pm

Did you know you can play games from any country as PS3 games are region free, so if you are on holiday in the states or Hong Kong, you can take advantage of the weak dollar and stock up on some games to keep you going for a while and some games are released in other countries first so you could be one of a few people playing that game in the UK. But remember Blu-rays are region encoded so don抰 buy any from abroad because they won抰 work!

There is also a secret video reset button, which comes in handy when you are moving your playstation 3 around and connecting to different sets, maybe you are moving it to your bedroom or taking it round to your friends house, but when you connect it the screen is blank! This is because the new TV you are connecting to is a different resolution to the last one or maybe using a different cable and because you can抰 see anything on the screen there is nothing you can do about it! Well now you can do something about it, turn off your PS3 and restart it but this time hold the power button for about 10 seconds, this will reset the PS3 to its most basic 480p graphics mode so now you should be able to see enough to choose HDMI, component, RGB SCART or whatever from the screen.

Is there anything worse than playing Call Of duty 4 online (or any other online game for that matter that you can抰 pause) and you are in the lead only for your controller to run out of charge! As the pad itself doesn抰 tell you how much charge is left, how do you know? Well you can check your charge by pressing and holding the PS button a screen will appear and show you how much charge you have left in the pad as a battery type icon , 3 blocks = full charge, 1 block = nearly empty.

Upgrade your hard drive! Not satisfied with the space on your hard drive? You can upgrade your hard drive to 500gb with ease, and what抯 more Sony support this, we upgraded ours to 250gb in less than 30 minutes and you only need a screwdriver to remove 5 screws, we have written a full detailed article with pictures to show you how to do this on our website, and you can buy a 250gb hard drive for less than ?6 ($50) so it won抰 break the bank!

Free video calls with your PS3? Yes it can be done quite easily and all you need is an eye toy (and the person you are making a call to needs one as well!) simply plug the eye toy in and go to 揊riends?on your PS3 menu highlight the friend you want to talk to and press triangle. Now choose 搒tart new chat?and type a message to your friend (who must be online on their PS3!) it might be worthwhile texting your friend before you start this to make sure they are go online. Once they receive the message they have to accept your video chat. Once this is done two windows will then open on your screen, one screen will show yourself and the other will show your friend and away you go. You can invite more friends if you want, because the PS3 supports up to 6 video chats at once. This is an excellent way of keeping in touch with friends and family members, especially if you live some distance away, and the best thing is it抯 free!

Is there a game that you just keep getting stuck on? Well you can find game saves on the internet with ease to help you out and get past the tricky bit, go to google and type 揚S3 game saves?and it will bring up loads of sites that contain half completed and completed games. Simply save the game save that you want to your pc, then transfer to a memory stick, put the memory stick in your PS3 then go to the game section on your menu, go to 揼ame saves ?and highlight the memory stick and you should see the game save that you saved, select it and press triangle to copy to your PS3 and hey presto you can start from were you want. I personally don抰 like this method as I think it抯 cheating, but there is another option, there are plenty of walkthroughs on the net, e.g search for 揗GS4 walkthrough?on google and loads of sites will come up with full game walkthroughs where you can find the info you need to beat that boss or get past where you are stuck, and if that doesn抰 work go to the official PS3 forum and ask for help, someone is bound to have done the bit you are stuck on and help you out.

You can also turn your ps3 on by using your control pad. When the PS3 has been shut down and left on standby if you are feeling lazy grab hold your PS3 controller and turn your controller on by pressing the PS button, keep the button pressed down for a couple of seconds and your PS3 will magically spring into life. You can also turn off the PS3 using the controller by pressing the PS3 button for a couple of seconds while your PS3 is on, this will bring up a screen where you can select 搕urn of system?if used this will put your system into standby, so there抯 no need to get up off the couch after you have exhausted yourself playing your favourite game.

Give your mates your downloads, have you downloaded any games off the playstation network, like tekken 5, war hawk, gran turismo etc?then you can also let your mates download them, and even charge them a small fee to cover your own costs. This is because the playstation network allows you to download your downloads 5 times, in case you change your hard drive or have to get your PS3 repaired, all you have to do is go on your mates PS3 and create a new user, once logged on as the new user sign into the playstation network with your login details and go to 揹ownloads?there will be a list of all the content you have previously downloaded off the network, select the game you want and download it to your mates PS3. Always keep one download for yourself though in case your PS3 should breakdown, as you will have to pay for the game again if you have used up your 5 downloads!

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New Ps3 Owners Hints And Tips
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