3000 N100 battery

3000 N100 battery
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 Samsung Pixon Versus. Nokia N97.

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PostSubject: Samsung Pixon Versus. Nokia N97.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:26 pm

The Samsung Pixon? M8800 and also the Nokia N97 are two mobile phones with slightly different benefits. I will compare the phones depending on size/design, display, battery existence, camera/video, data messaging, songs and multimedia and connectivity. With so many cell phones to choose from you should take sometime out to compare the ones that interest you. Often occasions, cell phones offer exactly the same features but cost various amounts.

To begin this compare and contrast I will start with the similarities from the two. Both phones make use of the same technology, frequency, rings and data. This mean they've the same operating procedure, strength for picking right up signals and availability to connect faster network speeds.

Additionally, they support instant messaging, predictive textual content entry (which operate like auto complete), text message templates (phrases or sentences pre-typed to help make your message sending simpler) and text messaging. Come equipped with Fm radio, GPS Navigation and music player. Both are set up for blue tooth relationships, e-mail accounts (aol, google, msn to name a few), memory card slots to provide you with that extra memory you might need, USB ports for easy connections for your PC and web web browser to surf internet.

The very first phoneŠŐ» dimensions are 4. 25? x 2. 15? x. 54? it has a built in antenna, touch screen keyboard, bar phone design and weighs 4. 26 ounces. The other pone has dimensions of 4. 61? x 2. 17? x. 62, with internal antenna, 3. 5mm headset jack, has full QWERTY (keyboard along with save functions as pc keyboard), touch screen keyboard, bar phone design with slide in/out keyboard as well as weighs 5. 29 ounces. Although the second phone seems to be slightly larger and weighs more it tends to offer some added design features in comparison with the other.

Now I'll compare the two phones depending on battery life, display, digital camera and video. The first includes a battery standby time associated with 290 hours vs. four hundred hours; a talk period of 3. 5 hours when compared with 5 hours. Next, the display of one phone has 256k bytes with color; resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. The second you have 16 million bytes associated with color and 640 x 360 pixels. Finally, the camera and video features are quite different. One offers movie capture, geo tagging, car focus, secondary video phone camera, smile and blink detection, advanced shake reduction, red-colored flash and 8. 0 mega pixels. The other has auto focus, Carl Zeiss optics, movie capture, video light, thirty FPS, LED Flash as well as 5. 0 mega pixels.

Aside from the camera and video features offered by Samsung Pixon? M8800, the actual Nokia N97 offered much better features elsewhere. It offers a 100 % touch screen keyboard as well as a manual slide in/out a person, has a little over an hour or so more standby time along with 2 hours more talk time and the display shows a improved picture with brighter exciting colors. The phones don't have significant differences, but depending on whatever suites your taste it may make a difference. Hope this article can help you make the best choice.
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Samsung Pixon Versus. Nokia N97.
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