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 Will be Salespeople Becoming Obsolete.

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Will be Salespeople Becoming Obsolete. Empty
PostSubject: Will be Salespeople Becoming Obsolete.   Will be Salespeople Becoming Obsolete. EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 4:03 pm

Might the continuous advances for technology replace the profession of selling later on??
I am not a king's ransom teller or a mystic, but I do believe that we will have dramatic changes in this roles salespeople play inside their organizations and the economy generally. During the next several years and stretching into a further few decades you'll encounter dramatic and all encompassing change in most industry, field and job. No one will go untouched with the swath that will cut across every age bracket and discipline.
Let me say that here I am not referring to 'retail salespeople'. People that tend the sales counters to get and business of every type and description. Second, I am not speaking about tele-marketing people and third I am not referring to customer service can provide homeowners some sales responsibilities. We're focusing my discussion in the thousands of salespeople whom daily catch airplanes, cabs, trains and log thousands of miles annually selling their organizations new product lines across the street, the land or the globe.
We are rapidly being a society that no longer talks to one another. We communicate by fax machine, computer, E Mail, resolving machines and voice email. We are losing the particular human touch.
I believe there are a selection of reasons why the actual sales profession is living and well and will still be for years to occur. This doesn't mean nonetheless, that we will not really experience dramatic changes the way salespeople sell and service their customers and consumers.
I would like to look at ten reasons why I am salespeople will always play a crucial role in a good, growing economy whether national or international in chance. Let's first however, explain the roles or obligations of salespeople today. Professional salespeople are incurred with any or most of the following, in their daily routines:
One. They recent new ideas, concepts, products and solutions, services to present clients/customers so to potential clients/customers alike. Not one but two. They assess the business i. e.. customer achievement levels and perceptions, typical market attitudes, competitor good points and weaknesses and person interest trends.
Three. They witness and report to the emergence of grass actual market shifts and pursuits.
Four. They soothe ruffled egos involving disappointed, frustrated and furious customers.
Five. They provide bottom-up feedback on the management of their organization on many opportunities, problems and troubles.
Six. They are the front type of attack for many corporate marketing strategies and additionally programs.
Seven. They get the job done the trade show booths (a excruciating task, if you have never done it) in 1000s of trade shows each month.
Eight. They are on the seek out new product/service opportunities that a 'corporate' person would never see.
Nine. They solve customer problems the result of poor design, poor formation, poor distribution, poor records practices etc.
Ten. They can be ambassadors for management, building positive on-going relationships which will increase business and proceeds.
I challenge you to see a computer, fax machine, software application, customer service rep, or marketing person who can do considerable time with the:
Courage on the mountain climber, Patience in Job, Sacrifice of New mother Teresa, Energy of a two year old, Creativity of Frank Lloyd WrightDedication on the mother, Wisdom of Confucius, Enthusiasm on the cheerleaderCommitment of a Olympic person, and the persistence to a toddler
The role of your sales professional will will begin to undergo transformation but the fundamental mission will remain inside tact.
In the last few years there are a few examples in which businesses have decided to do away with their salespeople entirely. It's my opinion that this approach to working with the buying public is mostly a cop out by the management of them organizations. Their premise is which usually consumers do not need to do business through salespeople. Improper!!!
Consumers don't want to perform business through lazy, illegal, incompetent or stupid salespeople.
Try buying anything today with out using salesperson's involvement and Most definitely i'll guarantee you will waste time, energy or money so that you can are through.
Another group can be us believe that one day we will buy everything we want from a mail buy catalogue, Home Shopping Network or perhaps computer on line assistance. Wrong!!!
Some products, certainly. Low price consumables, certainly. Computers, exercise equipment, rings, books etc., yes. Nonetheless complicated, major products or services, no.
If you accept as true with my basic premise, why don'tyou try and list the items, services or industries that you really feel are not good candidates for such type of 'buyer controlled' selling.
A person final thought.
Would the elimination of your professional salesperson be good to consumers, the economy, companies and the free market system containing built the strongest economy in the history of the world in just three hundred years?
I don't think so.
Sales forces may possibly: get smaller and stronger, cover more territory, sell a wider diversity of goods as we move into the next century and further than, but they will in no way become obsolete. If you happen to be selling for a existing, you will need to make sure you accelerate your personal growth in order to live a balanced successful life because you continue to move affordable this challenging career highway.
If you are a good sales manager, you will likely need to reevaluate your role, responsibilities and purpose as your own will also undergo dramatic changes over the following several years. If you are the particular owner or senior executive of the business that uses sales agents to represent your goods and services, you will need to supply; stronger support systems, higher training, upgraded tools required for their success and streamlined information, if you want them to help you to compete successfully in the actual coming years.
You will might also want to listen to your a sales person without judgment, prejudice and even clouded ego centered perceptions. If you are a good consumer, you will require to continue to flex the muscles demanding, integrity, professionalism, flexibleness, responsiveness and competence with the salespeople with whom you will business.
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Will be Salespeople Becoming Obsolete.
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