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3000 N100 battery
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 Fujitsu Interview Tablet PC also are into consumerism - Fujitsu Pill PC-IT industry.

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Fujitsu Interview Tablet PC also are into consumerism - Fujitsu Pill PC-IT industry. Empty
PostSubject: Fujitsu Interview Tablet PC also are into consumerism - Fujitsu Pill PC-IT industry.   Fujitsu Interview Tablet PC also are into consumerism - Fujitsu Pill PC-IT industry. EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 4:03 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->New Thanks in Beijing. In appreciation on this show at the 1st Fujitsu Windows7 pre-installed method, the first to aid dual-digital converter (Dual-Digitizer) technologies, flat hand rotary LifeBook T4310/T4410 Computer, Ultra-thin stylish high-end business LifeBook P8110 Notebook computers, as well as full-featured general audience home Notebook LifeBook A1220. Following meeting, on the Fujitsu ultra-portable laptop, Mr. Shinji Yoshida, Overseer, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific product manager, Mr. Zhang Junli conducted a special interview. For Fujitsu PC products and solutions and technology development inside two Fujitsu execs point out? Let' s share.
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Fujitsu' s new notebook New appreciation inside autumn at Fujitsu, we found a using ULV Processor Product, their model LifeBookP8110. Then, as ULV Fujitsu introduced the 1st product, P8110 features the most important Where? Relative to the market, many of ULV plus CULV notebook, Fujitsu P8110 tips on how to please the hearts with consumers? Faced with this problem, Fujitsu ultra-portable computer, Mr. Shinji Yoshida, overseer told us: &quot; Fujitsu PC have been quality first, products are usually mostly high-end consumer-oriented market. Such as this P8110, we will need to build capabilities ULV most complete product, rather than for the pursuit of light. Fujitsu P8110 has CD-ROM This requires business office Helpful people. In addition, P8110' s screen design is incredibly unique. I believe most people still remember the Fujitsu S6420, the screen in the narrow frame design with the 13. 3-inch screen size right 14-inch screen, allowing people to more broad mindset. The P8110 is virtually no exception, in the 12. 1-inch monitor, using a narrow style design, to make these folks larger screen size, the eyes look more at ease. In addition, P8110 is closer to the standard processor utilizing SU9600 processor, fully satisfy the user' s business needs.. &quot; Fujitsu ultra-portable laptop or computer, Mr. Shinji Yoshida, Director Fujitsu Tablet PC Has been the most effective achievements in the niche, but previous Tablet PC from your design and function are biased simply business users. In the face of broader consumer sector, are not tempted The key reason why Fujitsu? Will consider the long run design of more shopper tablet PC technology, leisure. &quot; Yes, yes. &quot; Fujitsu LAPTOP OR COMPUTER Asia Pacific product forex broker, Mr. Zhang Junli responded., &quot; Although the market price is not yet accessible, but this conference Fujitsu T4310 tablet PCs introduced closer to consumer-based, Fujitsu to its distinction of mainstream type portable computers and flat normal work. Of course, as well as being the release of Microsoft Windows7 use results for any Tablet PC' s touch is a great thing, combined with the appliance Windows7, I believe it will have more mainstream users to join the ranks of Device PC. On the alternative hand, the T4410 will be the latest for a more professional demand an improved flat-panel user. in the future Fujitsu' s product strategy, you will see the two products just like the signal, a consumer oriented market, a market-oriented enterprise. &quot;. Fujitsu PC Parts of asia Pacific product manager, Mr. Zhang Junli While using release of Microsoft Windows 7 7, Fujitsu is committed to better integrate the system utilizing TabletPC each other to offer the perfect touch effect. On the other hand, the 2010 notebook laptop products, Fujitsu will &quot; boom&quot;, &quot; light&quot;, &quot; stylish&quot;, &quot; easy&quot; four issues with development, while important to emphasize right here is the &quot; light&quot;, Fujitsu computers value will be the fully functional light, such as built-in optical drive, which enable it to be interchangeable optical functions for instance account, allowing users easy access to the same time frame, feel easy to have. Interview room In the newest area, Fujitsu has long followed quality first has ended up well used. Meanwhile, Fujitsu' s advanced technology have been implanted in which, by way of example, TabletPC bi-directional rotation, many manufacturers will not have this feature. In addition, the new notebook 100 % switch to Windows7 procedure, and when the following February, Intel Calpella slowly mature, Fujitsu will also be the first to switch to the new technology platform, naturally, here including the Supplement PC. 2009 can be quiet for your first half of the idea of to describe Fujitsu SYSTEM, and in the secondly half, the two new Shangjian Fujitsu will tell the entire world that the new Fujitsu PC continues to very worthy of each of our expectations. Fujitsu' s technology and product quality isn't doubt, and its development inside the Tablet PC also led the way on, so I believe Fujitsu will rally in 2010, a surprise to industry. I am an qualified from makingpcbboards. com, while we supplies the quality product, such as making pcb boards, personal circuit board Manufacturer, accommodating pcb board, and more. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Fujitsu Interview Tablet PC also are into consumerism - Fujitsu Pill PC-IT industry.
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