3000 N100 battery

3000 N100 battery
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 Fujitsu Eye transparent tablet pure transparent OLED display and wireless charging technol.

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PostSubject: Fujitsu Eye transparent tablet pure transparent OLED display and wireless charging technol.   Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:03 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->We have seen many transparent mobile phones, so what on earth a transparent tablet may resemble? A group of fashion designers Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong in addition to Cheng Ya-Fang, who up and running the association, and designed a program called "Fujitsu Iris" Tablet PC with transparency concept for my family, it used pure and transparent OLED display, and supports wireless charging technology.
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Using the design of graphic explanation, Iris Fujitsu Tablet PC carried that has a camera, scanner sensors along with components through its see-through screen for document checking, auxiliary interior design, enhance the document, instant interpretation, real enhancement, photo the navigation, laptop accessories and so on, and its handwriting are also able to interact with the wearer's context. Usually when the operator scans the paper, just buckle from the special flat slider from a single end to the other end from the slide screen to finished. Special flat-screen slider will also be divided in half for two people to use your Tablet PC. Fujitsu Iris transparent tablet design is definitely laudable, the tablet integrate the certainty of the electronic compass and magnifying glass tool, but also quite a few real applications. At one time enhance its transparency and practical application of technology, but and then to use the traditional sense from the Tablet PC has be a little more widespread, or the future direction of development from Tablet PC. &nbsp; Although unfortunately, the concept design couldn't normally appear in real life. Even with modern technology, it is difficult to achieve within quite a while, after all, such as new variety and motherboard integrated within a great small frame is very difficult, especially in the electric battery volume, the greater the ability the greater the sound. If Fujitsu Iris actual market, its cost at the very least $ 1, 500 and up news. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Fujitsu Eye transparent tablet pure transparent OLED display and wireless charging technol.
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