3000 N100 battery

3000 N100 battery
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 Asus Rt-n13u A particular Device With Access Position And Router Functions.

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PostSubject: Asus Rt-n13u A particular Device With Access Position And Router Functions.   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:16 pm

Wireless routers and cellular access points are different devices how they function and the security and safety features they support. Wireless routers are battery powered with many security features to block the on-line world threats and the NAT function for address translation to permit you share a single net connection. NAT feature also helps hide your private / internal network out of your public network / the on-line world. While the wireless entry points are mostly would always extend the wired cpa networks wirelessly. Wireless routers not to mention wireless access points tend to be two different devices. But ASUS RT-N13U can be described as single device that is configured as the mobile router, the wireless easy access point, or the wireless network repeater.

What this Solution Does

ASUS designs a different EZ Switch to supply three different operation processes (as the wireless router, handheld access point, or as being the wireless repeater) which in your own home to change by one touch. The device is powered by your latest wireless 802. 11N ordinary.

To share your broadband connection to the web in home, you have got to configure the device for the reason that wireless router by modifying the EZ Switch to help router position. As typically the router, the ASUS RT-N13U aids the dual firewall element (NAT and SPI). Network Address Translation (NAT) makes it possible hide the internal network out of your public (internet) network. The Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) will be router feature that inspects the incoming packets from the net more carefully and totally to detect any styles of threats.

If you have definitely had a secure wired network and wants to extend it wirelessly, you may configure the RT-N13U being the wireless access point. There are plenty of modems with built-in firewall (router) enabled which automagically is a secured network via internet threats (with the NAT in addition to SPI features). Identify your existing modem in home if it offers the firewall / router work. To extend the circle wirelessly, you just demand wireless access point. By using RT-N13U, you need to vary the EZ switch towards access point position.

AiDisk aspect

The good thing on this ASUS RT-N13U is how the AiDisk feature with the actual ASUS DDNS service that will allow you to create an FTP server along with a meaningful and easy to celebrate like ftp: //your-name. asuscomm. com in lieu of a hard to try to remember IP addresses or Web addresses. With this FTP server you can actually attach a USB disk in the router and share the files with friends easily regardless when and where the consumer is. With the bundled AiDisk quick installation guide within the box, users can rest easy without worry about complicated adjustments in creating the FTP server accompanied by a meaningful name.

ASUS RT-N13U wireless access point router provides a USB 2. 0 port which will used to connect towards multifunction printer. You have no need for a dedicated PC as being the PC-print server that really must be on all the period. Attach the multifunction printer to your router and let that ASUS Network Printer Setup program to move, users can now simply print and scan using the network.

In residential, you can configure the RT-N13U being the router or as any wireless access point (depends with your modem feature). For example utilizing your existing Surfboard SBG5101 cord modem, you need to configure the RT-N13U for the reason that wireless router. But with the help of NETOPIA 2241-VGx ADSL modem router, you must configure the RT-N13U being the wireless access point to brew a secure wireless network in home or with your small office. With typically the USB port, you can attach UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS disk storage and manage the AiDisk quick setting up guide to configure the disk being the storage FTP server as well as accessible for users all over. Or you can fix on a multifunction USB printer in the router to allow users within the network scan and print. ASUS RT-N13U Wireless Access Point Router can be described as single device that is configured as the cellular 杗 router, wireless easy access point, or as this wireless repeater.

By Ki Grinsing
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Asus Rt-n13u A particular Device With Access Position And Router Functions.
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