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 Blackberry Tablet Vs Apple 2 Tablet Specifications.

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Blackberry Tablet Vs Apple 2 Tablet Specifications. Empty
PostSubject: Blackberry Tablet Vs Apple 2 Tablet Specifications.   Blackberry Tablet Vs Apple 2 Tablet Specifications. EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 1:58 pm

Size wise, the Cell phone playbook tablet has measurement of (194 x 130 by 10 mm) 5. 13x 7. 63 back button 0. 43 and weight load (400gms) which equals 0. 9 kilograms. The playbook is slimmer and lighter compared to a iPad2 which dimensions are (241. 2 x 185. 7 back button 8. 8 mm) 9. 5 just by 7. 31 by 0. thirty four inches and weighs 613gms 1. 3lbs. In the case of aesthetics however; the iPad2 is most effective looking while the Blackberry has retained its signature bank sturdy design. The compact size includes made the Blackberry playbook tablet easy on the back; but the compactness has come at the sourcing cost of a small display.

The Blackberry playbook tablet comprises of a modest 7 inch LCD display using a 1024 x 600 solution screen. Though it can handle 1080p videos, many users found its small display just a little 搑estricting? The small crammed screen has unhappy the powerful browsing feature within the Blackberry playbook. The iPad2 even so comes with a 9. 7 inch display by having a 1024 x 768 pixel res screen. The large screen for the iPad2 makes it the ideal replacement of the laptop and notebooks as you move small display of the Blackberry playbook could not eliminate the smart cell phones look and feeling.

The camera was another category when these two devices ended up compared. The Blackberry undoubtedly leads front side with its dual HIGH cameras. The Blackberry playbook comprises of a 3 megapixel camera inside the front for videoconferencing in addition to a 5 megapixel camera in the back which can get amazing images and clips at 1080p. In compare, the iPad2 fell short in that category although it did incorporate two cameras; the front facing VGA camera able of capturing videos at 720p combined with still images with it抯 just under a 1 megapixel rear camera can also record videos at 720p and allowed for just a 5 times digital zoom capability for still pictures. Plenty of people consider the processor to generally be the deciding factor when purchasing a device. On the processor prominent both devices are neck to neck with all the Blackberry playbook tablet set with a powerful 1 GHz tandum core processor and insured by 1 GHz of RAM as you move iPad2 has a A5 twice core 1 GHz one and 512MB of RAM in its arsenal. The iPad2 operates on the all advanced edition of iOS; all the iOS 4. 3. The A5 processor as well as makes the iPad2 extra fast, it also enhances the graphical performance by simply many folds. The Blackberry playbook is managed with the QNX OS which includes made multi tasking super easy. The presence of Adobe Flash is as well a plus point of the Blackberry Tablet. Both devices share the equivalent internal memory as both provide same choices of; 16GB, 32GB or possibly 64GB of memory.

Battery life is one category while the iPad2 has beaten the Blackberry playbook fair and also square. Battery life for the iPad 2 is 10 hours even though the Blackberry only has a fabulous battery life of 6 a long time.

Connectivity is another category while the iPad 2 has a good edge. Apple has offered the iPad 2 with sometimes Wi-Fi and or Wi-Fi + 3G connection. Another version of the iPad 2 was launched with Verizon Wireless 3G compatibility along with Wi-Fi. The Blackberry playbook even so falls way short by only offering their supplements with just Wi-Fi on the internet.


Comparison between the 2 giants of the year or so; iPad 2 and Blackberry playbook ensued along with the launch of the last mentioned. Various features of the two devices were compared and where Blackberry Playbook was came across to be better in the case of portability and web checking, iPad2 emerged as a winner in the case of battery life and connection.

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Blackberry Tablet Vs Apple 2 Tablet Specifications.
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