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 5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly

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5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly  Empty
PostSubject: 5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly    5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly  EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 4:08 pm

Every person now and then has to use his memory retention abilities to recall important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries as well as the names of people and various locations. Many individuals complain about not being able to remember things easily. But don't be alarmed if you consider your memory to be really poor, go through this article and discover some of the different memory improvements tips through which you can fix your memory.
Is your memory retention extremely weak and you're looking for methods to easily fix it? In essence, there are a lot of ways through which an individual can boost his or her memory. So if you're somebody who wishes to augment his or her memory then read through and find out more on how to memorize quickly.
Loci Method
The loci method is known as one of the most widely used memory improvement tips. In accordance with the loci method, memory experts teach folks how to visualize locations within their minds which can in turn be used to memorize other details. One thing that you need to take care of is to use places which you are familiar with. As an example, you can try to picture shaving cream on your table which will make it easier for you to recollect it. On the other hand, when attempting to recollect to buy custard, try to project large bowls of creamy custard sitting on top of your dinner table. It just takes you a little time to adjust to using the loci method but once you're up and running it really is very useful.
Making connections
Associating or connecting something that is already stored within your mind to something that you just found out will allow you to remember it more easily. However, convert large amounts of data into smaller portions before you attempt to create any correlations. As an example, upon meeting a new person and not wishing to forget their name, imagine a celebrity with the same name. Therefore, the same celebrity will always appear in your head when you meet him or her.
One of the easiest ways associated within techniques on how to memorize quickly is to use mental images. The key element in this technique is to envision whatever it is that you want to retain. Memory experts recommend that image building should be as exaggerated as is possible. For instance, imagine a person who's head resembles an apple, now just imagine his/her head as being replaced by an actual apple. It's success as an effective tool for studying has made it extremely popular within students. Students can use this technique to turn data or information into a graph and then try to store that within their heads.
Write it down
Memory experts state that you can recollect things that have been scripted down more easily than other forms of communication and thus this specific method is a prominent member of the list of sound techniques for memory augmentation. This primarily explains why flash cards are commonly used by almost every individual. Take a flash card with you before going to speak on a podium, one side of the flash card should be filled with particular lines that you have to say and the other should have a word or two acting as a pointer. The pointer or clue should tell you what is on the other side of the card. You should employ bright flash cards with intense colors. Your goal is to memorize the contents of each flash card individually. It should take you some time to completely store info of the first card into your head after which you should start with the rest.
An effective way to easily memorize items is by chanting them out loud while trying to memorize them, this primarily leads to enhanced memory development. A great way is to use flash cards to write particular bits of data down, read it out loud as many times as you like and then stop only when you can repeat it without looking at the card. This is an excellent way of memorizing info no matter what the size. You can even repeat things out loud to other folks.
Acronyms are used for storing list of items in your memory principally when they are in a particular order. What you need to do is to take the first letter of every word in the list and then use those to create a separate word. Acronyms have been popular for ages. Here are some very widespread acronyms: NBA (National Basketball Associations) as well as SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). But acronyms aren't that great when it comes to understanding items. Comprehension as well as memorizing something is inherently distinctive from each other; if you really want to learn something then try to understand it.
Often, you'll find yourself stuck trying to think of a particular acronym for a list of words or items. Other times, you will be put off by the impracticality of certain acronyms making it very difficult for you to store them in your memory. In some situations, you might recollect what the acronym is meant to signify but forget its meaning.
Accordingly, the best thing to do is to choose a particular technique that you feel comfortable with and try to do as much as you can. All of these methods are very effective and easy to learn.

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5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly
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