3000 N100 battery

3000 N100 battery
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 Get More From Flash Drives - Top 4 Ways Of Getting More From Your Promotional Usb Drives

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PostSubject: Get More From Flash Drives - Top 4 Ways Of Getting More From Your Promotional Usb Drives   Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:46 pm

1) Print you brand on both sides. Why stick to getting your brand printed on only one side of the Flash pen when it can equally well be printed onto both sides? Whichever way around your propitious recipients hold your gift to them, the emblem is visible.

What you must keep in mind is that different computers have the Flash ports different ways up. By printing the brand on both sides, the emblem will always be accessible when it is plugged into a PC. This is maybe when people other than the recipients are most prone to see the drive and therefore the logo. This is the time when the owner of the USB pen has visited someone else and plugged in the device to the PC. It is static and easily on view. Whilst documents are being transferred or programs are running, it is an excellent opportunity to be associated with a high tech device that might just be rescuing the situation.

2) Pre-load the USB stick with some useful information. Why just give out a gift when that present can also hold your companyŠŐ» catalog, manuals or logo material? Having the catalog or whatever auto load when the pen is plugged into the computer is a guaranteed way of getting yourself noticed, but it could also mean that using the tool becomes a nuisance and an alternative Flash pen might be preferred to your, so auto running can be counter productive.

But there is definitely no harm in loading some advertising material to your devices before they are distributed. They can also be protected so that your advertising material cannot be deleted and so it will always exist on the pen. This can be very positive for a catalogue and can save a small fortune in printing costs.

3) Pre-load the usb drive with software programs. Yes, not just data but also software can run. Now, this might seem a little complex and for many it would seem pointless. But if you load it with useful programs such as file management software programs and then branding the applications with your logo, once the flash drive is inserted the packages can be used to manage the files with your advert firmly on the screen.

4) Add a lanyard to hold the drive. By adding a lanyard that you can sling the tool around your neck with or adding some sort of keyring, you get the prospect not only of adding a further piece of logo hardware, but you are also making the device more useful and easy for the lucky recipients to carry around with them. If you attach a lanyard that is branded with your emblem or a simple keyring loop that is decorated with your emblem, then you have given further cause to carry the device, the owner is going to see the brand more often and they are going to unintentionally show your logo to many other people at the same time.

USB pens are an excellent way of attracting attention to your emblem. Order yours now before your competition does!

If you need any further ideas on using your new marketing Flash pens or want to talk about pre loading software, do feel free to get in touch with us!

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Get More From Flash Drives - Top 4 Ways Of Getting More From Your Promotional Usb Drives
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