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 Entrepreneurs In an Age Of Globalization.

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PostSubject: Entrepreneurs In an Age Of Globalization.   Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:35 pm

Entrepreneurship is an activity of commencing a new business.

What are learn about entrepreneurship?
There are many advantages of entrepreneurship.
Some of learn about entrepreneurship are as employs
It can get the entrepreneur a substantial some of monetary increase.
It helps a lot in the growth of economy.
It creates self employment.

Like this there are plenty of advantages of entrepreneurship.

What is an Entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurs can also be known as the owners on the company who satisfies all the areas connected with risk and profits while in the company. He is concerned with all financial activities on the company.

What are the characteristics of entrepreneur?
There are special characteristics which are an entrepreneur successful.
Some of them are mentioned below: -

1- For being a successful entrepreneur he must be employed by long and give his maximum time for it to the company. For that they should be healthy more than enough.
2- He should learn to accept challenges. He should not give up if he has met with failure.
The attitude of 憈ry all over again till you succeed? should be in him.

3- He should be a real competitor. He should have the actual courage of setting high targets of her own and should have the capability to achieve it.
4- He should be a real professional. He should be least bothered with all the personal issues when he is at work.
5- Discipline is highly important for the entrepreneurs. He should have a control on most his habits. The skills of one's management should be within him.

Some benefits to be an Entrepreneur.

1- Entrepreneurs have got a great opportunity to promote his society. He creates employment for some others which is the best way to serve the society.
2- Entrepreneurs become incredibly confident in life as entrepreneurship requires a lot of confidence.
3- Entrepreneurs love freedom. They are now there own boss. They create tasks for themselves and then work on it the best way he wants.

Challenges to get Upcoming Entrepreneurs
? Problems in the establishment: Merely about one half of latest business job stay alive five years and 95% however business are small, the budding entrepreneurs really need to gain knowledge as much as feasible to certainly hammer the victory rate meant for business.
? Administration Problems: In the commencement of budding entrepreneur抯 business enterprise, about the quarter of your entrepreneurs declared that ones own troubles were diverse and focused on themselves(calculating their own effort, setting targets and supervising presentation), their employees (finding/preserving experienced employees)and accessing useful information(getting valuable business information).

Some of the Leading Entrepreneurs
1- Gates, William H - Ms
2- Ellison, Lawrence - Oracle
3-Allen, Paul -- Microsoft
4-Buffet, Warren - stock market
5- Moore, Gordan - Intel
6- Dell, Michael - Dell Computers
7- Kluge, John - Metro media

Colleges teaching about Entrepreneurship
DePaul University, Chicago
Florida International University, Miami
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Howard University, Washington, D. C.
Simmons College, Boston
Sitting Bull College, Fort Yates, N. D.
University of Arizona, Tucson
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Texas, Austin
University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y.

Discussion about this Global Expansion

Mike Eskew, the chairman and CEO, UPS says? Globalization is inevitable. Technology, the democracy of information, deregulation, economics, and education are seeing to that.

Hideo Sugiura, Honda Magnetic motors says? While it is true that a good products knows no national area, there are subtle disparities, from country to state and from region so that you can region, in the ways product is required and what customers expect of it.

Todd g Szalkowski, Ernst & Young LLP says? The overseas markets are recognized as an essential consideration within today抯 venture抯 growth ideas as global economies work for new market opportunities

Government support for upcoming business men

TNUFA: This is a support made available from the government for the upcoming entrepreneurs for the starting phase of switching their ideas into inescapable fact. This is a fund which supports in getting patents . . ..

Heznek Program This is a program started by government entities it gives an option to the entrepreneurs to choose the government shares in the upcoming company around the lowest price.

Entrepreneurship as a global activity
Entrepreneurship is getting global day by day. AS a result other sellers between the entrepreneurs is getting increased rapidly. It becomes a challenge for the entrepreneurs to make their presence in a competitive market. They have to make business strategies which often can become successful all over the world

Do you want your enterprise to work globally?
It is a great thought of taking the company globally as it offers a great deal of opportunities for growth in addition to development as without growth their cannot be any future.

Some of learn about making a company intercontinental are:
Just producing one product you can sell plenty of it by searching new markets which enables it to earn a lot from that.

You don抰 have to depend upon any particular market as you are dealing globally.

You would get an opportunity to compete with other foreign markets and you can create your place.

What should entrepreneurs do in advance of launching their company worldwide?
1- All the personnel of the company should be the member of the abroad company.
2- Before doing this activity you should strategy a lot about the objective of globalization, about the procedures, policies and procedures for example.
3- You should plan well earlier about your investment.
4- Before taking your product globally you need examine it carefully as now this product will available globally through market
5- Search for the customers all across the country before launching the product to minimize the amount of risk involved with loss.
6- You need to purchase the method that how you are going to globalize? The method may just be direct or indirect.
7- Before landing globally make sure you plan about the price of the product. Keeping that the price should be globally acceptable.
8- Take care of the International customer even after sale of your product. This will assist you in creating your goodwill around the world.

Future for Entrepreneurs
The future would be bright for all the entrepreneurs because of any globalization. The entrepreneurs would have more opportunities to deal upfront and make ones own presence globally. They would enjoy many of the facilities in International market place.
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Entrepreneurs In an Age Of Globalization.
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