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3000 N100 battery
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 Acer Tablet PC surpasses iPad.

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PostSubject: Acer Tablet PC surpasses iPad.   Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:28 pm

Starting right from 3299 yuan to carry out the populist's Acer Iconia A500 Device PC, on April 15 for Beijing officially released Android 3. 0 as a computer equipped with tablet Pcs, which published from 3299 in order to 3499 yuan price of no less than Less expected before the media of the fact that price after the announcement, the conference audience broke open into enthusiastic applause. Acer announced price because general manager of Chinese suppliers Yi Rensi Acer, participants reply to the charge of a media business in China and tiawan, "foreigners" with pleasure.
In the interview after the meeting ended, Acer, Acer standard manager of China Yi Rensi a great deal more, it is Acer Iconia A500 Tablet PC expressed an entire confidence of the prospective client. In a media job, 40 minutes, he mentioned the quantity of Apple iPad nearly 20 occasions, while other brands really are rarely mentioned, which generally seems to reflect the Acer Acer PC counterparts in the fight in the Pills PC, and do not likely care, Its more aspire to occupy the tablet LAPTOP market share of 70% required compete with Apple apple.

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Acer Tablet PC iPad four attributes of blocking锛? br /> Airen Cuando Speaking Acer Iconia A500 inside Tablet PC market benefits, as many apples equivalence iPad object, he thought the Acer Iconia A500 for four areas beyond the Ipad from apple, summarized as follows: 1st advantage: more flexible as opposed to iPad, as Android 3. 0 is surely an open feature that enables
hardware vendors and practical application developers to more demand for the user to customize as well as improve, so that products can be more near the complex needs of clients. Second advantage: more business as opposed to iPad, Acer Iconia A500 is often a better tablet PC just for business applications, such because has a USB interface to facilitate data trade, while its folder software interface and operation more near the PC mode, there really are Word document, PPT purposes, and external Mnini HDMI results display so more private orientation. Third advantage: the retail price is more than apple ipad People First, and iPad2 remain in a generation of Acer Iconia A500, starting at only 3, 299 yuan, which has Android 3. 0 normal system cheapest tablet. On Advantage: more than the correct supply iPad, queuing, improve the phenomenon does not consist of the Acer Iconia A500, because Acer Acer and Apple to look at a completely different web marketing strategy, Apple is planning to deliver at pre-established supplier isn't going to Because the market request changes. Acer Acer within this regard would be more flexible to modify delivery plans based regarding market demand, which is in addition very important for the customer.
On Acer Tablet SYSTEM Acer's market expectations, Yi Rensi said this mustn't be less than the brand within the notebook and netbook promote performance. Currently Acer Acer notebooks and netbooks out there share of about 13% plus 25%, believe the Acer Tablet PC Acer's market share is just not expected to less compared to 13%, Acer Acer's target audience is the first preference for users Tablet SYSTEM brands.
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Acer Tablet PC surpasses iPad.
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