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3000 N100 battery
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 Notebook Pcs Extended Warranties

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In sharp contrast to help warranty options on computer help PCs, consider advising your clients to purchase the maximum extended warranty coverage they will with a new portable computer PC purchase. Even beyond a potential hard drive failure on a laptop, consider the cost of replacing the LCD display.

Potential Costs for Substitutes

Unlike a conventional LAPTOP monitor, notebook PC LCD screens are highly specialized for particular notebooks. If litigant needed to replace an average 17" or 19" monitor that抯 beyond warranty, your client would generally have no problem finding equivalent products at local stores for relatively modest prices of about $200 to $300.

For a notebook PC LCD tv screen, your clients would almost never find the parts throughout stock locally. And the LCD screen, related system, and cable purchased as a stand alone easily could run $1, 000 or more.

Ask Questions

As a consultant, you should ask questions within your client and the service contract provider before making all recommendation. For example, ask:
Are the notebook PCs that your major clients own typically used more in the office or in the line of business?
Can you get a copy on the notebook PC system assurance statement?
How does the notebook PC warranty statement change from the desktop PC warranty statement?
Does the warranty specifically include or exclude certain hardware components?
Are there any warranty restrictions regarding replacement of your hard drive or LCD table?
What is the duration of the included warranty coverage?
Is your PC vendor the one selling and honoring the extended warranty policy? If the extended service contract is subordinated to a third party and the third party goes out of business, will your pc vendor still honor your warranty?

The Bottom Set about Notebook PCs

So because of the risks of hard commute and LCD screen failures on a notebook PC, buying an extended service plan becomes a no-brainer for almost all of your clients. This is also the leading reason extended warranties at notebook PCs cost a lot more than comparable extended warranties relating to desktop PCs.

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Notebook Pcs Extended Warranties
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