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 How to Use a Headset on a Halo 3 Game

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How to Use a Headset on a Halo 3 Game Empty
PostSubject: How to Use a Headset on a Halo 3 Game   How to Use a Headset on a Halo 3 Game EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:36 pm

When the sales figures for Halo 3 were released, the gaming and entertainment community was stunned. In fact, so surprising were the sales figures that it became top story news on several of the major search engine homepages. While the sales figures were surprising, they really were only surprising to people that were not avid gamers and those who do not follow the industry closely. Halo 3 was guaranteed to be a success because it is an exciting and innovative game. And, also contributing to its success has been the advent of accessories that add to the fun of play such as integrating the use of a headset. Of course, this means the player needs to understand how to use a headset with Halo 3. This really should not be considered problematic as the process is not as tough as some assume.
The purpose of the headset is to add voice chat capabilities to the online version of the game. For those that are huge aficionados of Xbox Live, this addition of the headset not only makes the game more fun, it also makes it a lot more realistic. And, of course, it allows the player to get into his character. But, there is a little more to using the headset than merely plugging it in.
In terms of actually using the headset to talk to players, how you use the headset will be dependent upon the matches that you are engaged in. Certain matches will involve a number of different opponents in a mass attack scenario. Other smaller bouts will involve fewer players in doubles or small team competitive action. In real life, it would be much easier to communicate in a small group of 5 people as opposed to communicating among a chaotic situation with two dozen people. In order to maintain the realism of game play, the Halo 3 headset will have different operational functions when dealing with large numbers of people.
So, when dealing with large numbers of players, you will need to push a talk button in order to be understood. This means the D Pad must be navigated in the direction of those characters that you wish to talk to. This is not necessary in smaller bouts because your voice can be heard by the players easily. Of course, in smaller play, your voice can also be heard by your enemies so caution must be employed or else you will lose the element of surprise in your strategy.
Depending upon the headset you own, you could always engage a mute button if you did not want anyone to hear everything you are saying. Some of the Halo compatible headsets do not have a mute button or even adequate volume control. However, there are adapters that can be purchased to add these functions if you wish to engage them without purchasing a new headset.
Yes, a headset can add a fun new dimension to a Halo 3 online gaming experience. They are fairly easy to use once you understood a few basic tips. So, now that you know them, why not integrate a headset into your online gaming session?
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How to Use a Headset on a Halo 3 Game
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